Palestinian Artificats That Prove no Arab Palestine

“Palestinians” and their supporters claim this bill proofs the existence of Palestinian Arab state before Israel. However, it is just proves Jewish connection to the promised land again.

The Palestine Pound was the currency used by the British Mandate from 1927 – 1948.
The Palestine Currency Board was not Arab. In August 1948, new banknotes were issued by the Anglo Palestine Company which was owned by the Jewish Agency.

The letters אי on the bill stand for Eretz Israel which means Land Of Israel. And it all has Hebrew in it. Until today Israeli currency is printed with Hebrew Arabic and English writing.

No Arab country will ever print Hebrew on its bill, specially not the letters that mean Land of Israel.

These Palestinian BRITISH coins are used as well to try to prove the Palestine lie to be true.
But again the coins were not minted by Arabs and what is written on the coin proves just how far Palestine was from being an Arab country. Again אי which means Land of Israel and again Hebrew on the coins.

Another “Palestinian” artifact that they claim shows proves to their country. But again it shows that “Palestine” was never an Arab state.

These are stamps that were made by Brits during their rule in the area.
All of them include Hebrew Arabic and English and have the initials אי again, which stand for Eretz Israel, The Land of Israel.

Again nothing to do with Arabs, and specially those who call themselves Palestinians. If Palestine was ever an Arab country Hebrew will not be included in anything official in such country.

Another proof of Jewish Palestine and not Arab Palestinian state.

Before the modern day State of Israel there was a newspaper called The Palestine Post. If The Palestine Post was an Arab Palestinian national newspaper, this May 16, 1948 headline might seem a bit strange.

The fact that the Palestine Post was a JEWISH publication later to be known as The Jerusalem Post might make it easier to understand why the paper was reporting Israel’s birth and not the fake Palestinian story.

Some choose to bring the picture above to prove that Palestinian Arab state existed before Israel. The National Palestine Basketball team.

Well, this certainly is the Palestine basketball team but they are not Arab, Jewish or British. This is a photograph of the Illinois Palestine high school basketball varsity team! This is what the Palestine team looks like today.

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