Ahed Tamimi – “Symbol of Palestinian Resistance”

Ahed Tamimi grew up in an environment that incites children to hatred and encourage terrorism. Her own family has long played an active and prominent role in this terrorism as we already discussed in part 1 and 2.  This terrorism is the reason Israel has checkpoints and wall and security fences.

Since childhood Ahed has learned from her family that all of Israel is occupied Palestinian land, including Tel Aviv ( a city that was formed by JEWS on a land JEWS bought) , and that she must fight to gain all of it. Ahed’s family have placed her in danger over and over, for the benefit of propoganda and one cause to destroy the Jewish state.

As we showed in part 1 and Part 2Tamimi’s are known to be supporters of terrorism and inciting to such, it is not surprising Ahed Tamimi supports Hizbollah:

Ahed started her Pallywood carrier since she was little. In this video she is doing her best to provoke the soldiers. However, she fails.

She grows up and nothing changes, same provocation. In this video we can see how she tries to provoke the soldiers pushing them and kicking, while they ask her multiple times to stop or she will be arrested. She does not stop and ignores their requests.

And the video that finally got her to jail.

In interview with the Tunisian Musaique FM radio channel, she said that people should slap Israeli soldiers, “regardless of whether they did anything or not” and that it should become a “regular thing.” She pledged “to continue on the path of the martyrs” and “to continue to make sacrifices, even sacrificing my life, for the sake of liberating Palestine.”

And of course, her massage to the world:

Peaceful? Is peace in her lexicon? You decide

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  1. If this twit dares to try to inflict bodily harm to a member of the IDF they should be able to flatten her with one well aimed blow. ..

    This is not a duplicate comment

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