Israeli Urban Life

Israelis value hard work, and take their leisure time equally seriously. Over 90% of Israelis live in urban areas, and Israel’s business centers are buzzing with the creativity of world-leading hitech companies, from the largest multi-nationals to tomorrow’s start-up wiz-kids.

An exuberant street culture is thriving in every city, featuring bustling pedestrian districts, openair restaurants, colorful markets and a live music scene, alongside the numerous institutions of fine world-class culture. The year-round mild weather and the vibrant culture support the popularity of outdoor physical activities including running, cycling and walking the many promenades, parks and beaches. Kite surfing and windsurfing have also gained exceptional popularity as Israel has produced a number of windsurfing Olympic medalists. In addition, Israelis share a love and respect for quality coffee, apparent in the overwhelming number of coffee shops of every shape, style and size.

Israel’s cities offer a rich array of fine culture, with numerous art museums and galleries, as well as world renowned theater, music and dance productions, such as the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Batsheva Dance Company.

Tel Aviv’s reputation for partying, and its wide array of all-night clubs, bars and restaurants, have gained it international recognition as one of the top cities worldwide for nightlife, as ranked by Forbes, Lonely Planet and others.

With nearly 300 km (180 miles) of coastline, the beach is an essential part of the urban Israeli lifestyle, from Naharia in the north to Eilat in the south. Beach-front cities host a promenade featuring cafes, bars, nightclubs, and an eclectic mix of restaurants, from basic eateries to sophisticated chef cuisines. Watching the sun set into the Mediterranean Sea is a popular way to end a busy day and start a relaxing evening

Via Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

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