Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, Israel’s 9th Prime Minister

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu was born October 21,1949 is an Israeli politician serving as the 9th and current Prime Minister of Israel since 2009, previously holding the position from 1996 to 1999. Netanyahu is also currently a member of the Knesset and the Chairman of the Likud party. Netanyahu is the first Israeli Prime Minister born in Israel after the establishment of the state. He is serving his 4th Term. Bibi Netanyahu served in the IDF as a Member of the Sayeret Matkal. Netanyahu’s brother, Yonatan, who was also part of the Sayeret Matkal, was killed in action in 1976 in Entebbe while leading a mission to rescue Israeli passengers on a hijacked Air France plane. Netanyahu has held many positions in the Israeli Government, as a member of the Likud he has been Instrumental in many areas and he was a Vital Member of the opposition when he wasn’t the PM and he has given many inspirational speeches at the UN. There is not a Better Candidate and there has not been one that could have accomplished what he has accomplished. No Matter what Israel does or says she will never be applauded and No matter what the Arabs do or say Israel will always be Condemned and Criticized. But, he is also our worst enemy. Today Netanyahu is the PM of Israel, he leads a right Wing Coalition, and the President of the US Donald Trump is Pro-Israel as opposed to Obama, who claimed to be a Friend, but disliked Netanyahu personally and undermined Israel at the UN. But, in spite of that he is a consummate Politician and he is trying to make everybody happy instead of doing what is in Israel’s best interest. In his reign the American Embassy was moved to Jerusalem (Trump) but he was unable to prevent the World and the UN (and Obama) from allowing Iran to retain their Nuclear Capabilities and their Desire to erase the Jewish Country of Israel.

– I think that a strong Israel is the only Israel that will bring the Arabs to the peace table.

– We don’t point a pistol at our own forehead. That is not the way to conduct negotiations.

– To defeat ISIS and let Iran get Nuclear Weapons would be to win the battle and lose the war.

– The enemy of your enemy is your enemy

– The entire world is focusing on the compromises that are necessary from Israel’s side. But people are not focusing on the fact that the Palestinians refuse to make the necessary compromises that are required on their side for peace.

– If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel.

– The difference between us is that we’re using missile defense to protect our civilians and they’re using their civilians to protect their missiles.

– The only peace that can endure is a peace that can be defended,”

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