Shorouq Dwayyat – The Female Terrorist And The Palestinian Lie Again

In July Post published by Quds Network

Another article claims That she was harassed by a settler before she tried to stab him.

Another tweet says:

And the countless lies do not end.

So who is that student and why was she sentenced to 16 years?

In a post she posted before the attack, she wrote:
“Mother: Where are you going?
Mother, I am going to become a shahid
Mother, I want to ask a request of you
Don’t cry about me, when I become a shahid
#Our greatest desire is to become shadids for Allah”

Dwayyat, left her home in the East Jerusalem Tsur Baher neighborhood with a 12-inch kitchen knife and screwdriver in her purse, telling her mother that she wished to pray at the al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount before going to her university classes at Bethlehem University.

Just inside the entrance to the Old City, she spotted two Jewish men, and stabbed one of them, Daniel Rosenfeld, in the shoulder and head. She then tried to stab the second, Zvi Greenspan, but was shot by Rosenfeld. She was evacuated in critical condition to Israeli hospital in Jerusalem’s. Rosenfeld was moderately wounded in the attack.

Pic via Hadassa Int

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