How Israeli Haters Use Salomon Taka Death For Fake News And Spreading lies

There are hundreds examples I will bring just few as they all basically look the same.

This Gentlemen posted on FB:

To his post he added a video:

He claims that the guy that sits in the bus (at the beginning of the video) is Salomon, and the other guy is the one who shot him, and after that there are protests.

First of all even without knowing the real story, we can see that the guy on the picture in the video which is Salomon is not the same guy that sits there. What happens in the video is that guy that stands asked him to lower the volume on his phone as it interrupts, but he refuse so they had a word fight between them, it happens anywhere to anyone. It is not Salomon and his tragic death was not in a bus. But why would ignorant haters care about facts when they can spread fake news and hatred toward Israel using Salomon memory.

Another example of twisting:

Israeli police is not perfect for sure, many in the world are not. White people get arrested and jailed in Israel sometimes even for nothing and attacked by police as well, they just don’t go outside to violent protests.

No need to say Israelis are racists. Lets remember how we brought our Ethiopian brothers to Israel, and how they get help in housing and many other things. We love them, but we don’t like violence and crime from any one no matter what the color religion or ethnicity. We all are in pain for the lost of our brother Salomon, but demand people not to lie and spread fake to make people hate Israel.

Stop spreading lies and hatred!

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