Debunking Holocaust Deniers: Himmler – “Reduce Deaths at all Costs”

Heinrich Himmler, chief of the Concentration Camps issued orders on December 28, 1942, that “The death rate in the concentration camps must be reduced at all costs” (Reitlinger, “The Final Solution”). The camps had been hit with a deadly typhus epidemic that spread by fleas and body lice. Stomach pain, high fever, emaciation and death can quickly follow. All of the camps were factories and the loss of workers was hurting war production. Inspector of the camps, Richard Glucks responded to Himmler’s order on January 20, 1943, “Every means will be used to lower the death rates” (Nuremberg Tribunal Document No. 1523). 

Heinrich Himmler was was Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel (Protection Squadron; SS), and a leading member of the Nazi Party (NSDAP). Himmler was one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and a main architect of the Holocaust.
On November 3, 1944, he met his longtime friend, Dr. Jean-Marie Musy, the former president of the Swiss Confederation.
Musy had known Himmler since the 1930s and had been the publisher of a pro-German newspaper, La Jeune Suisse. During that period he had worked to reduce the prominence of Jews in economic and public life. But by 1944, he had reversed his position, stopped his publication, and decided that the Nazis were criminals and murderers.

One of Reichsführer-SSHeinrich Himmler’s speeches in Posen, made on October 4, 1943 to a gathering of senior SS officers :

Ich meine jetzt die “Judenevakuierung”, die Ausrottung des jüdischen Volkes. Es gehört zu den Dingen, die man leicht ausspricht. – ‚Das jüdische Volk wird ausgerottet’, sagt ein jeder Parteigenosse‚ ‘ganz klar, steht in unserem Programm, Ausschaltung der Juden, Ausrottung, machen wir.I am currently talking about the “evacuation of the Jews”, the extermination of the Jewish people. It is one of those things that is easily said. ‘The Jewish people are being exterminated,’ every Party member says, ‘perfectly clear, it’s written in our program, elimination of the Jews, extermination, and we do that.’
Authorised by Himmler himself, this original page of the final edition of his speech made on 4 October 1943 bears the Reichsführer-SS’s statements to his audience that the extermination of the Jews, a policy of the Nazi state, is being carried out.

Heinrich Mueller was a high-ranking German SS, police official. He became chief of the Gestapo, the political secret state police of Nazi Germany. Müller was involved in the planning and execution of the Holocaust.
The mentioned letter could be written by him as the Nuremberg Tribunal Document No. 1523 mentioned his name and not the one in the above claim. As well that documents talks about Polish prisoners not Jewish. (yes there were not only Jews in these camps, known fact).

On April 10, 1943, Oswald Pohl, head of the Economic Administration Office of the camps issued a letter stating that persons with tuberculosis were being sent to the camps resulting in the “shockingly high mortality figures” (Nuremberg Documents). Later, on September 30, 1943, Pohl was able to show that the camp death rate had been reduced from 8.5% in July, 1942 to 2.8% in June 1943. 

This claimed document talked about different illnesses, it is a known fact that people in the camps died not only cause of gassing and mass killing but due to a bad hygiene,starvation, harsh working conditions etc.
The second claim about the reduce to 2.8% I could not find a reference.

The German SS arrested Buchenwald Commandant, Karl Koch in 1943 for mistreating and even executing some prisoners. After an investigation Koch was found guilty by SS Judge Konrad Morgen and shot. Does this sound like a policy of “extermination?

Karl, was arrested in August 1943 for forgery, embezzlement, threatening officials, and other charges. No, he was not charged just cause of killing prisoners, which by the way no one says were Jews.

After the War, with suspicion rapidly rising about the holocaust claim, a committee of Jewish leaders from New York and Paris met with communist leaders in Warsaw. There they established the “Committee for the Investigation of War Crimes and War Criminals”. It was after this meeting that the announcement was made that all gas chambers were located in Poland.

What is wrong about a meeting to establish a committee to investigate war crimes? Oh for haters, Jews life does not matter and those who guilty should not be judged.

One conclusion: Lies and hatred is what is seen in those baseless claims.

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