Debunking Holocaust Deniers – Numbers of Victims Don’t Add Up

I came across this website, and have decided AGAIN to debunk the lies in it. I know that it was debunked many times, but seems that not enough. As I can’t put it in one article, as readers and I will get tired, I will make it in parts.

The World Almanac for 1947 states that back in 1939 the world Jewish population was 15,688,259. The Almanac’s figures were supplied by the American Jewish Committee. Next the Jewish-owned New York Times of February 22, 1948 stated the world Jewish population for that year amounted “to 15,600,000 to 18,700,000 in addition to the 600,000 to 700,000 living in Palestine.” How could the Jewish population increase so rapidly over the war years if they had lost 6,000,000 people?

First of all the link they give to the Almanac record is not existed. Second, the 1939 population reported in Almanac record was taken from the 1938 report and the source is the American Jewish Committee page 150 and the number is 15,748,091. (3 mistakes in just one sentence)

The New York Times  claim, The Times later explained that their data had come from the 1948 World Almanac in this letter to Morris Kominsky from the author of the piece Mr. Balwin:

“Dear Mr. Kominsky, 
“Thank you for your letter of inquiry of January 6. 
“The world Jewish population figures printed in this 
story came from the 1948 edition of the World Almanac. 
Later we checked it with the American Jewish Committee and 
other sources and said in the correction, as I noted to you 
in my previous letter, that the authorities agree that 
Hitler’s wholesale massacre of Jews during the war reduced 
the Jewish population to perhaps 12 million today (2/26/48).

Now lets go to World Almanac number of 1948, pg. 249

It stated that the estimation are taken from 1939 American Jewish estimation.

In the 1933 Almanac it is stated the numbers are estimation. Some why when deniers bring pages, they omit the statement that it is all estimation and sometimes Almanac don’t even give reference to where they took that data from.

As was said World Almanac they estimated its figures and didn’t have any data to go on except the 1938 censuses plus assumed natural growth.

Once the war was over there were new censuses. The more reliable figures only became available to the World Almanac in 1949. They write that the American Jewish Committee estimated the 1947 population at 11,266,600.

AJC archives shows:

Following the rise of Hitler there were no more than 4 million Jews at most living in areas occupied by the Third Reich at the height of its power. Yet on June 30, 1965, the West German government announced that some 3,375,000 Jewish holocaust “survivors” had applied for reparations money. The International Red Cross had already reported in 1946 that of registered Jewish camp inmates no more than 300,000 could have died, and their audit to December 31, 1984 records a total 282,077 registered deaths of all internees in all German Concentration Camps from all causes. 

The 4 million figure is a lie and has no reference. 1933 estimation in Europe as we see above is 9,494,363. In 1939 is 8,939,608. You can calculate from the numbers above by every occupied country and see the numbers are more than what the above claim says.

The document they refer to from Red Cross

Image result for red cross 300000 jews

This is a letter from the organization Sonderstandesamt (special registry office) at Bad Arolsen. It is written at the bottom and the Red Cross on the top is a photoshoped with a different font) The letter is regarding only deaths at Nazi concentration camps that were registered by this institution (not to be confused with the numbers of deaths officially registered in the camps themselves). Note that the English translations are not a part of the original document and are incorrect “Anzahl” means “count”, “number” and not “Total Deaths” as it is written.

When we click on the claim of the so called Red Cross audit we see this document:

This is not a Red Cross Document, but from the same organization that the previous came from Sonderstandesamt (special registry office) at Bad Arolsen. And again it is not referred to the total death in the camps.

The Red Cross never had an access to the official camp stats during the war. Nor has it ever attempted to gather such stats. It was simply outside of the scope of its activities. The organization made it clear in many statements during the years. For example:

Write the RK

The letter above from the year 1976 shows that the statistics mentioned there does not refer to “the total number of the victims of different origin”, but exclusively to Germans, and that the numbers in this concrete case not even from the red cross come. (B. Bailer-Galanda, Truth and “Auschwitz Lie” , p. 148)

see for example “Red cross exposure of “false propaganda””, Patterns of Prejudice, 1978, vol. 12, issue 2, p. 11:

Consequently the ICRC considers it must make clear the fact that it has never published — or even compiled – statistics of this kind which are being falsely attributed to it. The work of the ICRC is to help war victims, not to count them. In any case, how could its delegates have obtained data for such statistics? They were able to enter only a few concentration camps, and then only in the final days of the war. […]
The same propaganda scheme has recently been making use of other figures, namely the number of deaths recorded by the International Tracing Service on the basis of documents found when the camps were closed. Obviously this number bears no relation – though the authors of the propaganda pretend otherwise – to the total deaths in concentration camps; firstly because a considerable quantity of documentary material was destroyed before the departure of the Nazi administration, and secondly because many deaths were never recorded, such as those which occurred in the extermination camps where records were generally not kept.

Free first page

ICRC letter from 22.08.1975 (published in facsimile in A. Suzman, D. Diamond, Six million did die: the truth shall prevail, 1978, p. 10):

The figures cited by the author of the booklet are based upon statistics falsely attributed to us, evidently for the purpose of giving them credibility, despite the fact that that we never publish information of this kind. The main purpose of our institution is to help the victims of armed conflicts and not to act as an investigatory agency nor as a statistical bureau.

ICRC letter from 10.05.1979:

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with the figures you are seeking, since the ICRC has never tried to compile statistics on the victims of the war and has never certified the accuracy of the statistics produced by a third party. In fact, the basic aim of the ICRC is to come to the aid of victims of armed conflicts and not to act as a commission of enquiry or a statistics service.

In this article from the Red Cross it clearly states, Red Cross did not have access to all the camps:

On 27 September 1944, Dr Rossel went to Auschwitz. There he spoke to the commander of the camp, but he was not authorized to go inside it.

It is interesting to note that in the Jews’ real “bible”, The Talmud
it is claimed that 800,000 Jews were slaughtered by the Romans in Hadrian’s era

The Jewish Bible called Tanakh it is abbreviation of Tora – “Five Books of Moses” Neviim – “Prophets” and Ktuvim – “Writings”

Talmud is written by Rabbis and it is based on the Tanakh and their interpretation of it along with history after the Tanakh. Jews follow Tanakh this is the Jewish Bible. Anyone who says otherwise is a blatant liar.

About the 800,000 sorry could not find any reference

The Jewish-owned New York Times, in 1945 carried an article by the well known Jewish writer C.L. Sulzberger. It openly stated that Soviet Russia had supplied the figure of 4 million Jews having been put to death “in the gas chambers of Auschwitz.” Thus it was the Judaeo-Communists and the Jews who initially originated these figures which today are accepted as “gospel truth”. 

On May 12th, 1945, a few months after the liberation of Auschwitz, a Soviet State Commission reported that not less than four million people were murdered there. It has been used by the Auschwitz museum until the 1980s, in then-communist Poland, which exaggerated enemy atrocities for propaganda purposes. Then the figure was reduces as Western scholars have never claimed that 4 million people died at Auschwitz, and brought proves that it was less. So no, those figures are not accepted today.

The Judeo Communist and the lie about the jews that originated these numbers is a nonsense which does not even worth to debunk AGAIN. However, I will bring one example:

In November 1945, Dr. Wilhelm Hoettl, an Austrian-born official in the Third Reich and a trained historian who served in a number of senior positions in the SS, testified for the prosecution in the Nuremberg trials of accused Nazi war criminals. Later, in the 1961 trial in Israel of Adolf Eichmann, he also submitted to a lengthy series of questions from the prosecution, speaking under oath from a courtroom in Austria.

On both occasions, he described a conversation he had had with Eichmann, the SS official who had principal responsibility for the logistics of the Jewish genocide, in Budapest in August 1944. In the 1961 testimony, Hoettl recalled how “Eichmann … told me that, according to his information, some 6,000,000 Jews had perished until then — 4,000,000 in extermination camps and the remaining 2,000,000 through shooting by the Operations Units and other causes, such as disease, etc.”

Hoettls used the 4 million to the extermination camps, not only one like the Russians did.

In addition (edited June 8th, 2019) the Communists never claimed that all Auschwitz victims were Jewish; the Soviet Auschwitz report didn’t mention this, there was an oblique reference to “not less than 4,000,000 citizens of the USSR, Poland, France, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Holland, Belgium, and other countries”, but that’s it.

(It is claimed that from 1934 to 1945 some 50,000 people died in the huge Bergen-Belsen camp. This count is considered exaggerated

As it mentioned in the Holocaust Museum Bergen-Belsen was established in April 1943. (How could it be claimed from 1934?)

As it mentioned in Britannica,
“Although  Bergen-Belsen contained no gas chambers, more than 35,000 people died between January and mid-April 1945 from starvation, overwork, disease, and, toward the war’s end, a typhus epidemic brought about by some of the most squalid, fetid living conditions of any of Germany’s camps.
Some 28,000 prisoners died of disease and other causes in the weeks after the British army liberated the camp on April 15, 1945. “

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