Palestinian Again Use Syrian Child To Promote Their Lies

Lately we seen this post on Facebook h

When I clicked on the original post it brought me here:

Saher A. Saad lives in Gaza city and on April 28, 2019 he claims they had to cover this child face and that “Israel occupation” did it.

This post has more than 1000 shares already. And by looking at the comments,no one even bothered to check if this is true.

First thing that caught my eyes was the right bottom corner, Mr. Saher forgot to cut this part when he posted that lie.

So a small research of Qusay Noor the person who published those pictures, brought me to the real post that it was taken from.

And not surprising this child is Syrian and has nothing to do to the so called “Israeli occupation”. This post is from August 1st 2018. And it has more pictures of this poor child. h

And if we go through the page it was posted in, we will see many Syrian children that were used as “Palestinian” to promote their Pallywood Propoganda.

2 thoughts on “Palestinian Again Use Syrian Child To Promote Their Lies

  1. The work of arab on arab crimes. this is a syrian child victim of his Bashir Assad’s evil deeds. WHY OH WHY would you even suggest a Jew would be responsible….HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SYRIANS HAVE SUFFERED FROM THEIR MUSLIM ARAB NEIGHBORS

    1. We do not suggest. This is called DEBUNKING MEDIA LIES. We present their lies and proof of the opposite.
      It is intended to stop their posts not to promote them.
      I hope this helps you understand why we do this.

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