Debunking The Myth About The “Dancing Israelis” In 9/11

18 years after, we need to remind people that The “Dancing Israelis” is a conspiracy theory, that is a lie like all the rest of the anti Jew conspiracies made up for one purpose “destroy the Jews and Israel today”.

Several news outlets published a story just a two days after 9/11 that a group of five men had set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers prior to the attack on Tuesday, and were seen congratulating one another afterwards.”

The setting up of the cameras “prior to the attacks” is an inference from the phrase “they photographed the attacks” in the report. It’s a reasonable literal interpretation, but that doesn’t necessarily make it true. The report that those news outlet based is very early, published on the 13th, perhaps written less than 24 hours after they were arrested, so it would be surprising if these officials had reached definitive conclusions.

If we look at what the witness to this filming actually said. The articles crops up a lot. Full report of what the witness said (from ABC 20/20 show):

On the morning of September 11th, Maria–who asked us not to use her last name–was home preparing for her day, when she got a call from a friend who lived upstairs in the same New Jersey high-rise.

“She was sitting when she heard a noise, at the same time she felt like it–it shook–like the building shook, she said. She called me immediately. She said, ‘You know, there’s–there’s something wrong, look at your window by the twin towers.’ So I grab my binoculars and I could see the towers from my window.
And this is where I, you know, I’m looking. I saw the smoke from the top, just from the top of the towers.”

“Like a few minutes must have gone on, and all of a sudden down there I see this van park. And I see three guys on top of the van, and I’m trying, you know, to look at the building but what caught my attention, they seemed to be taking a movie.”

There’s nothing here to support the foreknowledge claim. The time frame as to when she noticed them is vague, but it definitely came after the call from a neighbour, which itself followed the first plane hitting the towers. What’s more. And after that call the witness says she saw the van park after she’d been watching the WTC for a few minutes. And so they did not film the first impact.

The witness took the plate numbers of the van she seen. And it was found later, it was claimed that five men between the ages of 22 and 27 years old emerged. They were detained at gunpoint and handcuffed. They were all Israelis. One of them had $4,700 in cash hidden in his sock and another had two foreign passports. Bomb sniffing dogs reacted to the smell of explosives in the van.

Nothing surprising in that amount of money considering they came for vacation, and later worked, they might even not have a bank account. The foreign passport are not a surprise as well. Many people around the world have dual citizenship and not only Israelis. According to most countries laws if you are a citizen, you are obligated to enter the country with its passport. As those guys were initially on vacation, very far from home they could not know where they will go after. Therefore, their passports were with them and the safest place for passports when you travel is with you.

Regarding the lie about explosive in the van. NYPD officers have confirmed the arrest of three men on the New Jersey turn-pike. However officials denied any explosives were found in the van.

Later there was a claim that two of them worked for Mossad and were spying. Israel always carries intelligence operations against radical Islamists and this is well known fact. This story is subjected to conspiracies as well.

Some Americans that were interviewed, and later on their words were taken out of context For example Vincent Cannistraro, say “that spying operation was not aimed against the United States, but at penetrating or monitoring radical fund-raising and support networks in Muslim communities like Patterson, New Jersey, which was one of the places where several of the hijackers lived in the months prior to 9/11. Israeli government has been concerned about activity of radical Islamic groups in the United States. There could be a support apparatus to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, two groups which are conducting the majority of the suicide bombings in Israel.”

Mark Regev an Israeli diplomat and civil servant. Was the spokesman for the Israeli embassy in Washington in that time , and now is the Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom since April 2016 said: “These five Israelis were not involved in any intelligence operation in the United States. And the Americans, the American intelligence authorities, have never raised this issue with us. The story is simply false.

About the dancing and cheering, there are no clear evidence to this claim. They denied it and their lawyer Gordon added: On the day of the disaster, three of the five boys went up on the roof of the building where the company office is located,” One of the neighbors who saw them called the police and claimed they were posing, dancing and laughing, against the background of the burning towers. The five denied dancing. I presume the neighbor was not near them (and this is a fact as she was watching from the window) and does not understand Hebrew. Furthermore, the neighbor complained that the cheerful gang on the roof spoke Arabic. As far as I understand it, that neighbor has had previous problems with the company, and she could have been waiting for an opportunity to avenge the owners. “

After the arrest, the FBI obtained a warrant to search Urban Moving System’s Weehawken, N.J., offices. Papers and computers were seized. The five Israelis were held in Brooklyn, FBI interrogators questioned them for more than two months. And they did not find any evidence for any of the claim that Israel knew about this particular attack or that they were spies for Mossad.

It was reported that the Mossad informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in August 2001 that as many as 200 terrorists were slipping into the United States and planning “a major assault on the United States.” The Israeli intelligence agency allegedly cautioned the FBI that it had picked up indications of a “large-scale target” in the United States and that Americans would be “very vulnerable. However, Israel did not know the exact time and place. It is a known fact that Mossad helped USA to prevent many attacks and save many Americans and non of the conspiracy theories will not change that fact.

Another claim is that several of the detainees discussed their experience in America on an Israeli talk show after their return home. Said one of the men, denying that they were laughing or happy on the morning of Sept. 11, “The fact of the matter is we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily. Our purpose was to document the event.”

The conspiracy claims, that saying “our purpose was to document the event” is in itself somehow suspicious, that it indicates foreknowledge. Every single person who pointed a camera at the WTC on 9/11 did so because they wanted to “document the event”. The phrase indicates precisely nothing at all.

One more claim is that Israel was behind the attacks in order to draw America into a conflict with Arab nations. The evidence claimed for this theory is that 4,000 Jews who supposedly worked at the WTC failed to report for work on 11 September because they had been forewarned by the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad.

However, the figure appears to be based on a statement made by the Israeli foreign minister that about 4,000 Israelis were in the cities under attack at the time. More than one in ten of those who died on 9/11 were Jewish.

Only common sense and the absence of Jew hatred can help one to find the truth.

Info for the debunk was collected from the snopes, ABC, 911myths and the guardian

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