The day An EYE Into Israel Facebook page got hacked.

Somewhere in the Month of January 2019, a war ensued on Pro- Israel Facebook pages due to the fact that the Malaysian government refused visas to Israeli athletes for the Para-Olympic games that were to take place soon after.

Our page was no different, we also posted a shaming post and the war began. The only thing that was different was that as the Malaysian followers started spamming the page with insulting memes and comments they expected us to take the post down like many of the other pro-Israeli page. We did for a day and then we regrouped, removed the “Reviews” option so that the page rating would not fall bellow 1. and reposted it again with a comment that we will not take down the post. The spamming became insane. They were coming in thousands.

At this point we became aware that our page went viral in Asia and that there was a post in the states media agency on the page’s post and media war. The post was given to us by our Malaysian supporters (yes there are many of those, Christian and Muslim).

The spamming on all of the EYE posts became intolerable and we had to block Malaysia from seeing our page for a weekend. We reposted the post a 3rd time with this caption:” Dear Malaysian followers you were denied visa to our page over the weekend for bad spamming behavior, please follow our anti-Spamming rules or you will be denied visa again”.

The Malaysians threatened to take down our page many times in the comments and eventually they succeeded. On February 17th, 2019 our page was hacked. The attack came from Kuala Lumpur.

Our page was rendered unmanageable. It is still visible on Facebook but it is not active. Since then we have started a new page from ground Zero and have regained our followers and even more.

The link to the new page on Facebook

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