Female IDF Hero

In 2014 Captain Or Ben-Yehuda was a Commander in a Caracal Battalion. She went to the scene after spotting suspicious figures on the Egyptian side of the border, close to the security fence. When the commander, Captain Or Ben Yehuda, when she arrived at the site with a communications soldier, the smugglers opened fire at her from three different locations.

Ben Yehuda returned fire, even managing to empty her magazine despite the incoming gunfire and sustaining wounds to her upper body.
As well, to get on the radio and call for backup, administer first aid to her soldier.

Backup, in the form of several vehicles full of IDF soldiers, arrived on scene, the wounded Captain commanded the responding soldiers and positioned her men to effectively fight back the terrorists.

At this point it was obvious the IDF was going to be able to push back the armed group, and medical personnel wanted to evacuate Captain Ben-Yehuda to treat her gunshot wounds. However, she was unwilling to leave the battlefield until all of the fighting was done.The smugglers also fired an anti-tank missile at the two troops.

Egyptian security forces had initially told an Egyptian news outlet that Qaeda-linked jihadist group Ansar Bait al-Maqdis was behind the attack. 

Via Ynet

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