Debunking Media Lies – Jews/Nazi collaboration coins

Our next post in a series of debunked lies on the internet. Today this coin was presented by pro-Palestinian supporters as evidence that the Jews were Nazi collaborators insinuating that the coin was pressed by the Germans to use by the Zionists in Israel. Ignoring the obvious stamp on the coin which says in plain English “The end of depression”.

1. Germany did not print coins in English

2. Israel did but always in

3 languages Hebrew, English and Arabic.

I did a reverse image search on Google just to see if I can find matches of this coin online and I found many more than a million. Of course we can’t post all of them but one in particular has caught my attention.

It was a post from a Russian Forum

On the forum someone posted the coin with it’s description in Russian which read:”1932 USA Commemorative coin to mark the end of the great Depression”

The front of the coin can be seen on this website:…/1932-stop-crying-start-buying This was shown to the people who posted the coin with claims of Zionist-Nazi collaboration and no one admitted to the lies. This is what they do, they lie and even when faced with the truth they deny it.

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