Debunking Media Lies-the Israeli pilots in India

No lie shall prosper! Breaking news across Pakistani media and social media claims that they have captured Israeli pilot along with the Indian pilot.

Here are some links onn the Pakistani sites.

The picture they use as a proof to their LYING PROPOGANDA was posted by Hananya, as support to Indian Airforce. However, claiming the pilots were there is ridiculous. This photo WAS TAKEN in 2017, when Indian pilots came to Israel.

Here is the official article from the official Israeli Air Force website:

After a small research, it looks like at first Pakistan claimed 2 planes, but apparently one of the planes was Pakistani plane . Its Pakistani pilot was beaten by locals who were sure it is an Indian pilot. There are reports that, that Pakistani pilot was at the hospital. Some claim that Pakistan can’t admit it was their plane, and their pilot and now make up stories about Israel.

However, we can’t be sure in that part. But we CAN BE SURE that their proof of the picture they use, was taken in 2017. As well, we have doubts that Israel will allow Israeli pilots to take a part in that battle. Finally, if Israeli pilot was there Israeli newspapers would share that info with the whole world.

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