Commander of the Desert Reconnaissance Battalion Words

A little over 20 years ago, a unique battalion was established with great pride and faith – the Desert Reconnaissance Battalion . A belligerent, offensive and motivated battalion to carry out the supreme mission – to defend the borders of the State of Israel and its citizens. All its inhabitants.

The members of the sector (Arab), who are not committed to enlisting in the IDF, feel obligated to continue the ancient tradition and join the special battalion without hesitation, to a long line of respected and glorious fighters. Which was filled by a large portion of the community leaders in the present.

Since then, the Bedouins and members of the minorities have become an important, significant, and integral part of the IDF, with the courageous decision of the soldiers to connect their fate to the fate of the Jewish people, which will lead them forward in their lives. As a model worthy of Israeli society The unique composition of the battalion reflects the leading values ​​in the battalion: adherence to the mission, brotherhood of fighters and striving for contact.

Until recently, the battalion was in charge in protecting the southern border of the State of Israel and the security of the residents of the south, especially the southern Gaza Strip. About a year ago, for the first time in its history, the battalion was given additional responsibility by becoming a mobile infantry battalion. As a result, we went on the first operation in the Judea and Samaria region at the height of the wave of terror, which was another challenge out of the many others of the battalion and it had succeeded in.

You should know, the battalion is a unique, highly respected and professional battalion that has set itself lofty goals, in which it has stood because of the brotherhood of the fighters, the mutual sacrifice and the constant readiness, and the soldiers enlisted out of a deep commitment and work out of love for the state and a sense of belonging to the state and its citizens. This country.

And remember – “Only together we can win.”

Commander of the Desert Reconnaissance Battalion ,
Lt. Col. Itamar Gadir

He was the Commander from 2016-2018

Via Bamahane translated from Hebrew

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