IDF build-up continues along the Gaza border after a night of strikes and rockets

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by BtNews · March 27, 2019 After a night of rockets at Ashkelon and strikes on Hamas terror targets, additional artillery units, tanks, and military hardware headed to southern Israel overnight as the IDF build-up continues for a possible operation on the Gaza border.  Schools in southern Israel operated as usual on Wednesday despite the tense security situation. The decision was made following consultations with the Home Front Command.

Hamas has refused to halt the Friday riots after mosque or the late-night terrorism along the security border fence despite the current round of Israeli strikes, the London-based, Arabic-language newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported Wednesday. Despite reports of a ceasefire and relative calm throughout the day, the IAF bombed Hamas terror targets in Gaza Tuesday night in response to the continued terrorism along the Gaza border and rockets launched by Muslim terrorists towards the Eshkol Regional Council.

Our airforce just struck several Hamas terror targets in Gaza. If Hamas thinks that we’ll sit idly by as their rocket fire, explosives, and breaches of Israel’s border fence threaten the lives of Israeli civilians – they’re wrong”. the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

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  1. תחי את הצבא ואת עם ישראל, שמגן על ארץ ישראל מפני הטרור הערבי, ועל מוסלמי שהערבים שונאים ורוצים להרוס את מדינת ישראל, יש בקאביל, כורדים ואירופים שאוהבים את ישראל בלבד.
    Vive l’armée et le peuple d’Israël, qui protège le pays d’Israël du terrorisme arabe, et envers un musulman que les Arabes haïssent et veulent détruire l’État d’Israël: il y a des Kaba’il, des Kurdes et des Européens qui n’aiment que Israël.

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